What can CPMS Commercial do for you?

Specialists in Commercial Property!


Specialising in commercial real estate across Victoria and New South Wales, we offer a broad range of services to the property industry delivering strategic advice and pragmatic solutions.


Our diverse portfolio includes:

  • Sales

  • Leasing

  • Property Management

  • Lease Administration

  • Project Management

  • Consultancy - Landlord and/or Tenant Advocacy

We are a leading specialist in commercial property agency with the knowledge, expertise and commitment required to deliver win-win outcomes for all parties involved in any transaction.


Our clients benefit from the exemplary advice that you would expect when dealing directly with the company owner.


Our dedicated team are equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge as well as an understanding of both regional and metropolitian culture. We are able to connect with our clients with a global network and a choice of exceptional opportunities.



Our Connections and Marketing:


Our agency's database links to many business advisers, accountants, financial planners, consultants, qualified investors, individual business people and organisations, all of whom have their own databases and access to numerous clients whom they provide advice to, or have influence on. We have proven this along with website listings, to be the most effective and also as a bonus low-cost method of marketing.


This marketing method ensures a sale can remain out of the public spotlight, yet capture the attention of those who potentially have the means, and the passion to take on properties through to their next phase.


We understand the importance of confidentiality when listing, marketing and selling a property and we are in the necessary position to be able to market the sale of any commercial property via our extensive database.