Consultancy Services

CPMS Commercial offers services to Accountants, Business and Financial Advisors, property investors and owners of self-managed, or managed commercial property portfolios. This services is offered to clients across regional Victoria and New South Wales as well as metropolitan Melbourne. 


Our menu of services include:


Lease Administration:


  • Administration of leases on commercial investment properties and monitoring performance of the terms of each lease to ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities for continuity and compliance;

  • Schedule preparation of all current leases, and reports produced on current status including highlighting the dates for annual rental reviews, reminders for options for renewal, and facilitating important actions on behalf of the client - from start through to completion;

  • Confirmation of rental reviews and negotiation of market rental reviews;

  • A risk management service is provided to ensure all leases are in place and that the client is complying with all of their lease obligations from a practical sense;

  • Management of any sub-tenancy clients in order to maximise utilisation and return on leased properties;

Property Management:


  • Facilitation and management of maintenance, cleaning and other responsibilities of the tenant and/or landlord;

  • Inspections conducted on each leased premises and a schedule of contracts provided for all works;

  • Assistance provided with set up of cleaning and tenant maintenance contracts in line with budgets for each site;

  • A quarterly audit conducted of all contractors (including cleaning), ensuring quality performance (conducted more frequently if required);

  • Facilitated maintenance of each site with the landlord or landlord's agent, with the ability to report/record hours of maintenance;

  • Potential risks assessed relating to the property and operation from a practical sense.


Project Management:


  • Project manage expansion of operations, including new sites for construction, refurbishment or revitalisation of existing property proposals;

  • Assistance with identifying suitable sites for new locations;

  • Involvement in negotiation process for a positive and suitable outcome for clients;

  • Practical advice provided on proposed lease terms and documentation of new sites;

  • Site visits or progress meetings held to monitor development on behalf of clients and ensure timelines are met. Reports are then distributed to relevant personnel;

  • Handover finalised for set-up of new site.




  • Review leases and offer practical advice on lease administration and property management

  • Negotiate disputes between landlord and tenants

  • Audit property management to ensure best results for your commercial properties

  • Provide opinions on improvements to commercial property with prospect of increasing returns